Charging Talkman 012Talk

Charging SIM 012 allows you to pay in advance without obligation, without subscription fees and with full control of expenses!

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Charge Talkman 012Talk only! It is not possible to recharge a line that is associated with a normal route!

Talkman packages to choose from

Small Talkman 012 Mobile package

3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Valid for 30 days

The Talkman 012 Mobile package is recommended

3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Valid for 30 days

Tokman 012 Mobile package + for the Palestinian Authority

3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Valid for 30 days
Call minutes to the Palestinian Authority: NIS 40

Talkman 012 Classic Mobile package

DATA: 150 GB
3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Valid for 30 days

Charging Talkman calls of 012 Mobile

Give yourself the ability to pay in advance and enjoy all the advanced services that the 012 network offers, without fixed charges, without subscription fees and with total control over expenses!

A prepaid route allows you to charge the 012 Talkman in advance and control your expenses without a fixed charge. The significant advantage of this route is the possibility of switching between routes without commitment.

For which customers are Tokman 012 routes suitable?

Talkman 012 is perfect for people who want to control their calling expenses, or for tourists who visit the country for a certain period of time. In addition, business owners and farmers introduce Tokman cards for the use of their employees, in order to control communication expenses during the period they are active in the country for work purposes or projects.

How to load your 012 card?

The 012 claim is a simple 3-step process through our website.

  1. Choose the package you want.

  2. Enter the phone number to which the top-up is intended (phone number of the 012 network only).

  3. Fill in the details, choose your payment method and within 10 minutes the loading is done!

What packages does 012 offer?

The 012 company offers diverse itineraries. Whether you are looking for a route without restrictions, a call route with browsing volume, or a route with calls to the Palestinian Authority.

Balance check via voice response

To find out more, dial *111.

Where can I purchase a 012 SIM card?

Through our website you will be able to order a SIM card that will come with the 012 preload according to the route you choose.


Don't you have a 012 SIM?
​If you want to purchase a SIM card + recharge
You can do it here

How do you charge?

to make a charge you need to

1. Purchase a SIM that supports Talkman

2. Choose the package that suits you

3. Enter the SIM number

4. Click the purchase button

Who is it suitable for?

1. People who want to control the media expenses.

2. Tourists who come to Israel for vacation.

3. For those who are not interested in "surprises" at the end of the month.

4. For those who want a temporary number

012 Customer Service

1-800-054-056 / *678
working hours:
Sunday to Thursday
Between the hours: 20:00 - 21:00,
Friday and holiday evening: 8:00 - 13:00

Balance inquiry

To check the balance, dial the number 678#*