Are you out of talkman? Today you no longer need to run to the nearest kiosk to buy a new one, nor pull out the emergency token you kept in your shoelaces. Now loading Talkman online is completely possible, fast and even cheap.

So how do you do it right, in the cheapest and most profitable way, without getting up from the couch? In the following article, you will receive some extremely high-quality tips that will make your life easier. ready? lets start!

First tip: you don't need a new SIM card

So first of all: for those who don't know, Tokman cards are also known as "prepaid cards or prepaid plan". The meaning of prepaid (or in English Pre-paid) is early payment. In other words, you actually purchase a package in advance that includes a certain number of call minutes, gigabytes for browsing and SIM cards. The package can be changed and renewed by loading Talkman online.

When are Tokman packages used?

Talkman (or prepaid) packages are very useful on vacations, flights, and also among those whose use of the smartphone device is relatively little. Sometimes Talkman packages are also very useful for devices that are used by children.

When renewing the Talkman plan, do I also need a SIM card or a new number?

Definately not. You can top up Talkman online easily and quickly, without any need to go out and buy a new SIM card. Your number will be saved and will remain exactly as it was - without changes, so that everyone will be able to reach you even after you renew the package.

How do you load Talkman online?

The package is renewed by loading Talkman online. The top-up can be done easily and quickly through the website of the company through which you purchased the card, or of course on the SIM Online website which provides Tokman top-up services to customers of all companies in a fast and convenient way.

In this way, you do not commit for a long period, know exactly how much you pay and are in control of your use.

Is a family cell phone package cheaper than Talkman packages?

In some cases, yes. If you are in regular and frequent use, sometimes it is better to just take a family package. The advantage of Tokman is mainly that it does not commit you for a long period of time. As we have already written, the Talkman pays off even with little use.

Unless your children are very young and barely use the phone, or use it only in places with wireless internet - we recommend a family cell phone package instead of the Talkman plan.

Loading Talkman online before flying abroad

Talkman plans can be very useful on flights abroad. This is because they give you a lot of gigabytes for surfing, which you can use in a short time. Before flying abroad, you can purchase a Talkman package from an Israeli company, or buy a local SIM in your destination country.

But using a local SIM card can be quite restrictive, and not always profitable. That's why, before short flights, we recommend that you play it safe and top up Tokman online.