Charging Talkman Golan Telecom GOLANtalk

Charging a Golan Telecom SIM allows you to pay in advance without obligation, without subscription fees and with full control of expenses!

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Claim GOLANtalk Golan Telecom only! It is not possible to recharge a line that is associated with a normal route!

Talkman packages to choose from

DATA package for the car

Valid for 2 years

Tokman Golan Telecom recommended package

3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Valid for 30 days

Talkman Golan Telecom package + calls from Israel to abroad

DATA: 100 GB
3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Calls abroad: NIS 30
Valid for 30 days

DATA package for XL car

Valid for 2 years

Talkman Golan Telecom XL package + calls from Israel to abroad

DATA: 200 GB
3000 : minutes call
SMS: 1500 limited to 50 per day
Calls abroad: NIS 40
Valid for 30 days

Top-up NIS 50 calls from Israel to abroad only

Calls abroad: NIS 50
Valid for 12 months

Top up NIS 100 calls from Israel to abroad only

Calls abroad: NIS 100
Valid for 12 months

Charging Golan Telecom calls

SIM Online offers the possibility to load in advance and enjoy the wide and modern services of the Golan Telecom network, all without the need for commitment, without subscription fees, and with complete control over your expenses!

Our routes for charging Golan Tokman in advance allow you to manage your call expenses in a way that does not require a monthly payment. The routes we offer allow you to choose between different routes without committing to a defined monthly payment.

Tokman Golan Telecom route - who is it suitable for?

Golan Telecom's Talkman recharge is the ideal solution for those who wish to maintain effective control over communication expenses, as well as for tourists visiting the country for a limited period. Contractors and farmers can also find added value in purchasing Talkman cards for their offices and workers who carry out temporary projects in the country, since this enables precise control of communication expenses

How to top up calls to a Golan Telecom card?

Charging calls to the Golan card using the "SIM Online" website is a simple process that is carried out in three easy steps:

  1. Choosing the charging package that suits you.

  2. Enter the phone number of the card you want to load - note, the number must belong to the Golan company.

  3. Completing the details, choosing the payment method you prefer, and within ten minutes - the loading is done!

What are the packages that Golan Telecom offers?

Golan Telecom offers a variety of routes suitable for each customer:

  • Unlimited route - which allows you to communicate as much as you want while maintaining your budget.
  • The balance track only - which allows full control over your communication expenses.
  • And of course, a route with calls abroad - which allows you to continue communicating even when you are outside of Israel.

How to check your balance via voicemail?

To check your balance via voicemail, all you have to do is dial *0058.

Where can I purchase a Golan Telecom SIM card?

A Golan Telecom SIM card can be purchased simply and conveniently through our website.


Do you not have a Golan Telecom SIM?

If you want to purchase a SIM card + top-up

You can do it here

How do you charge?

to make a charge you need to

1. Purchase a SIM that supports Talkman

2. Choose the package that suits you

3. Enter the SIM number

4. Click the purchase button

Who is it suitable for?

1. People who want to control the media expenses.

2. Tourists who come to Israel for vacation.

3. For those who are not interested in "surprises" at the end of the month.

4. For those who want a temporary number

Golan Telecom customer service

A call to the customer service center *0058 from Golan Telecom's cell phone only is a free call

Balance inquiry

You can check your call balance at any time by dialing 613#* * from Golan's SIM card.