Everyone uses a phone - young or old. That's exactly why everyone needs a family cell phone package. Mom watches videos on Tiktok, dad prefers YouTube, and the kids generally play strategy games on apps - in any case, we need to make sure that everyone has large, high-quality surfing packages without paying too much for it.

So how do you choose a cell phone package for the whole family? Which plan is the cheapest? All the details are here before you.

Why is it better to take a family cell phone package over personal packages?

Very simple - a family cell phone package is almost always more profitable. In addition, you will be able to see all the information concentrated in one place, instead of being scattered among several companies. This information includes things like internet usage data (ie how many gigabytes each device uses), costs, and more.

Supervised Internet surfing for children and youth

If you have young children, a family browsing package may also help you control the content they see while surfing the Internet. True, it can be done in any case - even if you choose personal surfing packages. But it will probably be more convenient as part of a family package, especially if you have several children.

After all, today the internet is full of dangers, and you want to provide your children with a safe environment. If you do not want to turn this issue into an unnecessary hassle, it is recommended to gather all the devices under one company. And as we already wrote, it will also help you get a better price.

Family package vs Tokman packages (prepaid)

Many times we hear debates along the lines of "is it better to take a family cell phone package or personal packages for parents and talkman packages for children".

From our experience, we see that in the vast majority of cases the family package will be cheaper. Unless your children hardly ever use the phone (a very rare thing these days), it is better to take a family package and enjoy a larger amount of gigabytes for surfing, SMS and of course talk minutes.

How to choose a cell phone company that provides a family package?

Choosing a company that will provide you with the cellular package should be done according to several parameters, such as price, service, reception of antennas in your living environment, and more. If you live in the far north or the desert south, some companies may have better reception than others.

In any case, it is recommended to make a comparison through the Sim Online website before you make the final decision.

Mobile package abroad for the whole family

If you are flying abroad, it may also be worthwhile for you to take a family package - but of course this depends on the length of your trip. Find out if the place you are traveling to has convenient Wi-Fi that you can connect to.

How to save money while you are abroad?

Try to download ahead of time everything for which you do not need an available internet - music, movies, texts to read and more. Download the things even before the flight, or while you are connected to the WiFi. In this way, you can save on internet usage (streaming) and purchase a smaller browsing package.

How to purchase family packages at the most affordable price

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