If in the past, in order to make calls and surf the Internet during a vacation in the US, travelers had to purchase a communication package from the cellular provider or purchase a local SIM card, today there is technology that allows the purchase of a SIM card for the United States in advance, and at very affordable costs.

You can read all the details about this in the article in front of you.

SIM card for the United States

You can purchase a classic SIM or an Esim. Classic SIM is the small plastic card we know, which is found in the mobile phone device.

When you are abroad, you exchange it for a local card and after returning to Israel, you exchange it again for a permanent one.

The Esim, on the other hand, is an option that has been on the market for quite some time and is becoming more and more popular.

Esim is a virtual sim. It is embedded in the phone through an app and no physical card is needed. The permanent card does not need to be taken out when installing the Esimon, and you can use it to receive calls from the country and send SMS messages.

It's worth remembering that receiving calls abroad with a fixed SIM can be expensive, so you should filter them and use more applications that operate on an internet infrastructure.

In which devices can a virtual SIM be installed?

In most of the smartphone devices produced in recent years, it is possible to install a SIM card for the United States.

There are new models in which only a virtual card can be installed. To know if a SIM card for the United States can be installed on a certain device, you can check this through websites that allow you to install a virtual SIM.

You can do a SIM check online using links that appear on these sites.

SIM cost to the United States

A trip to the United States is not cheap and you should manage your budget wisely and save where possible, without compromising the quality of the trip.

Therefore, when comparing prices for SIMs to the United States and looking for the most economically viable option, it is advisable to purchase the services in advance, while still in Israel, so as not to encounter surprising charges later.

The price of a SIM for the United States consists of two factors: the cost of the SIM and the cost of the cellular package.

When checking prices for sims for the United States, the price of the sim itself is only 10 euros, whether it is a classic sim or an Esim. The price for a virtual SIM also includes loading a SIM card.

This is a very attractive cost, especially when you consider that it is a universal card, which can be used in a variety of countries in the world, unlike the standard cards.

Costs of cell phone packages in the United States often vary according to several factors. For example, how long is the package for, how much internet does the package include, is the internet unlimited, and more.

Usually a minimal amount is charged in advance, usually 25 euros and then surfing is at a rate of 0.22 euros per megabyte, which is downloaded directly from the application.

You should remember that you should keep the SIM for the United States active and perform one operation per year to keep the balance for use on the next trip. It is enough to browse once.

It is worth remembering that the less you use the Internet, the more money you save. This is done by several actions through which you can save browsing data.

In conclusion

Browsing packages through the cellular provider are an expensive matter and a local SIM is limited to purchase only upon arrival at the destination.

So the best option to manage communication when going on vacation in the USA is through Esim.

The purchase of the virtual SIM is recommended to be done through the SIM Online website.

The installation takes about two minutes and includes conveniently downloading an application, loading the desired amount and then surfing services at a predetermined rate, which operate from the moment of landing at the airport.

The payment is for the browsing and the actual use and there is no need to commit to purchasing excessive cellular packages and those that are not needed at all.