Did you enlist for mandatory service? Congratulations, you have some very challenging years ahead of you. Home If you are serving in a closed base in the south of the country, in one of the outposts in the north or warming a chair in Kirya (which is also absolutely important), cell phone packages for soldiers is something you must do some research on before you have to report to the UN Security Council.

Why is cell phone packages for soldiers important?

Well, if you have checked how much money you are going to receive, we probably don't need to explain to you why it is advisable that you pay as little as possible. You probably already know that the military salary is not high to say the least, and the little money you get should be spent on beer on Friday night or the older one after, and not on expensive and unnecessary cell phone packages for soldiers.

What to do to pay as little as possible for a cell phone package?

To pay as little as possible for a cell phone package for soldiers, you can read the following article and discover all the secret combinations that will help you save a lot of money. Yes, it works - and in a big way. Thank us later…

In cell phone packages for soldiers, surfing is the main thing

As soldiers, you're going to have a lot of dead time to pass. Night shifts, long and dreary hours on the bus, nighttime, boring time at the office. The army can be important and interesting, but it can also be one big waste of time.

Precisely for this reason, the most important thing is a large browsing package, which will allow you to watch many videos, series and movies.

Of course, we strongly recommend that you watch instructional videos, and use the time to learn something that interests you and not melt your brain in front of videos of cats - but we are not your parents, and of course you can do what you want, even if it is watching loops of a child petting a cat in a clown's hat Chinese Don't judge.

Secret tips that will help you reduce the use of the surfing package

Before you purchase a cell phone package for soldiers with thousands of gigabytes, you should remember that there are several ways to reduce the use of your surfing package.

Connect to wireless internet

Wherever there is wireless internet, ask for the password and connect. It doesn't matter if it's on the bus, in a cafe on the way home, or visiting a friend. If you usually watch series and movies, try to download them when you are connected to the wireless Internet.

In this way, you can enjoy watching your favorite series without wasting a lot of battery and gigabytes. If you use a little internet from your package, you can purchase a smaller package and save a few significant shekels every month. In the end it adds up, and makes the pocket a little easier.

Don't forget to compare prices

Before you purchase a cell phone package for soldiers, remember that it is very important to compare prices. Many soldiers do not take this important and simple step, and spend up to hundreds of shekels a year for no reason.

It is true that in the past comparing prices was a long and exhausting process, which involved endless conversations with bored service representatives, editing tables and calculations. But today, with the help of the Sim Online website, you can do it easily and quickly without any problem at all.

Purchase cell phone packages with SIM online

The Sim Online site brings you all the options for purchasing a surfing package. On the website you can see all the packages offered by all the different suppliers, so that you can make an informed choice and go for the cheapest and most affordable option, which suits your personal needs.

so whats the problem? Order your cell phone package today through the website. Don't forget that we are here for you with any question, request or anything else. We are committed to the highest level of service.