Traveling in Portugal is nothing new; Since time immemorial, people have traveled to the country in Western Europe, and even though in the past it was about smaller volumes of tourists every year, this is nothing new. However, the ability to stay updated and in constant contact while on the sand has never been as easy as it is today.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of surfing abroad, and we will expand on the best and most convenient way to operate with a SIM card for Portugal.

Why is it important to worry about the possibility of surfing abroad at all?

There are those who claim that just as we or our parents used to be able to manage abroad without internet at all, so it is today. According to them, the need to be available and connected to the Internet is nothing but a painful reality of the current generation.

But in practice things are not like that, and internet connection and available communication are important and critical tools. They can make a trip organized and orderly, with ease of navigation and positioning in the various places, and in emergency cases, they are a central tool in dealing with and operating the event.

Without available internet, every trip will be accompanied by many navigational errors, at every possible moment you will find yourself desperately searching for an available and open WIFI network, and if God forbid you are forced to make contact immediately, you may get stuck in big difficulties.

Also, technological progress is happening all over the world, and there are tourist places you will visit where you will need to use the internet to fully enjoy what the place has to offer.

Furthermore, recently, it was announced that close to twenty percent of tourists who connected to public WIFI networks abroad fell victim to cybercrimes and phishing by local and foreign hackers.

That is, even people who are in their safe place in Israel know little about how to defend themselves against such crimes, it is easier to shoot down abroad, due to the differences in language and internet networks. If so, early preparation with a local means of surfing is the safest step.

SIM card for Portugal

Why buy a SIM card for Portugal?

Until not many years ago, mobile devices were quite rare. Later, the first generations of mobile phones were created, in which, in order to make a call between Israel and abroad, the popular method was to purchase an international call package from the cell phone company.

But in recent years, different methods have been created and more excellent methods have been created, which offer a variety of worthy alternatives.

A SIM card for Portugal is a wonderful way to enjoy stable and secure internet throughout your trip in Portugal. By buying a SIM card for Portugal, you can chat on WhatsApp with your family and close friends at any time you want, and depend only on yourself - and not on any mobile network.

In addition, unlike the surfing packages that kept relatively high prices, a SIM card is relatively cheap, and allows continuous surfing at an affordable price for every pocket.

How do you choose a SIM card for Portugal?

After all that has been said, how do we know how to choose the best means of surfing? Even within the SIM cards there are many options, such as buying in Israel or abroad, a package that also includes calls and SMS messages, or one that is content only with the Internet. If so, which SIM card for Portugal is the most suitable for me?

The answer to this depends on a number of parameters, such as the type of your phone and the type of card it reads, the style of the trip and the extent of the need for the Internet, the retirement of antennas, budget, and more.

We, at the SIM Online website, can help you compare all the cards offered by the different cellular companies, so that you can decide for yourself what is the best deal for you. In addition, there are cases where it is difficult to know in advance exactly what will happen during the stay abroad, and one does not want to pre-order a package that is not consumed.

With us, you can choose the option of loading a SIM card, which you can do as much as you want, in real time and via the Internet. For more details, contact us today.