A flight to Europe is an exciting and special event, and as such it should be organized accordingly. So you packed a suitcase, created the itinerary and even took out insurance abroad - well done to you! But, it's still not enough and you have one more thing to sort out - the purchase of a SIM for the flight.

Since flying is never cheap and is a significant expense, sure and sure if you haven't had time to establish yourself properly financially, you should reduce the surrounding costs as much as possible.

This way, you can devote the bulk of your budget to the flight for the flight and the vacation itself and not spend a significant part of it on the surrounding organizations.

Therefore, you should prepare ahead of time and make a purchase of a cheap SIM card abroad while still in Israel.

How to choose a SIM card for a vacation in Europe?

Why should you order an Israeli SIM card for a flight?

Despite the tendency to think that it would be more profitable to buy a local SIM card in the country you are flying to, in practice it is not certain that the hassle is worth it.

To purchase a local SIM card at an affordable price, it is necessary to leave the airport and go to an area full of shops, find a store that sells cheap SIM cards, compare the different companies, wait in line, try to understand what the seller is saying in a language that is difficult to understand and try to understand which package best suits your needs from the options You didn't quite understand.

Besides that, don't forget that by purchasing a non-Israeli SIM you will not be able to make phone calls and receive text messages - which can make your trip easier and allow you to rest easy knowing that you can call back to Israel if things don't go as planned.

Also - they won't be able to call you and send you messages and if you work in offices and places where it is legitimate to look for you - this is a significant problem, one that you should think about in advance.

SIM for browsing only

Of course, even if you purchase an Israeli SIM, you can purchase a SIM for browsing only.

With this SIM you will only be able to surf a cellular network from anywhere in your destination country, regardless of occasional Wi-Fi and the kindness of the waiters in the restaurants you will sit in.

Surfing from anywhere will allow you mobility and flexibility, so that you can enjoy your trip more and be calm about the rest of the day and your plans.

Ordering a cheap Israeli SIM card

Many times, and in particular when it comes to flying to countries that are considered cheaper than the State of Israel, there is an assumption that purchasing a local SIM card will be cheaper than purchasing an Israeli SIM card. In some cases, the thinking is correct - many overseas packages that the big companies offer are very expensive and are not suitable for those who want to save on expenses.

However, there is a high-quality and significantly cheaper alternative than through your company - purchasing a SIM card through the SIM Online website.

The SIM Online website will show you the best options among the existing cellular networks and the routes that will suit the nature of the trip and your needs.

Sim online

The purpose of the SIM Online site is to allow you to top up calls and to provide you with a way to compare the various mobile packages abroad of the telecommunications companies so that you can choose the package that suits you best - because there is a difference if you are flying for a trip of several weeks, for a few days in a central city or for a ski trip.

Through SIM Online you can easily and quickly order the desired SIM with a convenient comparison.

You won't have to talk to representatives on the phone who will try to convince you to add expensive contents that you don't need and you won't have to waste valuable time comparing different packages between the companies' websites.

You can choose a package with limited or very high browsing, with or without calls and texts and for the period of time that suits you. Of course, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the company through the website.