Internet is a space of infinite opportunities, but unfortunately also of threats. In the digital age in which we live, using credit cards online has become a computerized routine, but along with the convenience that has come, the risks have come as well. This trend has caused credit fraud to become a particularly common phenomenon on the Internet. That's why we chose to discuss today in this article about the most common scams that happen on the Internet and how to deal with them with the help of 3DS security technology.


What is a 3DS?

3DS is a mechanism developed to increase the security of online transactions, and was created by the two leading companies in the field of credit cards - VISA and MasterCard.

The main purpose is to ensure that the credit card holder is the person making the transaction online. How It Works? The customer receives a secret code via SMS (the message can also arrive after a minute or two), then enters it on the website of the credit company that issued his card. This allows verification that the card is owned by the person making the transaction.

How does the process actually work?

When customers complete their purchase on your site or on the checkout page, they enter their credit card information.

In response, they receive an SMS message to their mobile phone that includes a password for verification. Entering the password on the website allows advanced identification of the person paying, and as a result, the transaction is approved.

The transaction is then marked with authentication information, which cannot be denied, thus adding another layer of security.

אבטחת מידע 3DS לעסקאות בטוחות

The main advantages offered by 3DS technology


  1. Responsibility for denying a transaction lies with the card issuer - using 3DS technology, the card issuer accepts the responsibility regarding the denials of transactions.
  2. The customer will feel more confident to pay - when customers have the confidence that their payment is secure, they tend to transact at a higher rate.
  3. Reducing the involvement in denials verification processes - using this technology, the estimated waiting times are significantly lower, because the denials are handled more quickly and efficiently.
  4. Improving the image of the business by preventing scams and frauds - the use of 3DS prevents cases of fraud and increases the confidence of the customers, which in turn increases the image of the business and the trust of the customers in it.

important points

  • The service is currently only possible for Visa and Mastercard cards (you cannot use Diners, American Express or local Isracard cards).
  • In case you do not receive an SMS message, you must contact your credit card company to handle the problem.
  • A transaction cannot be completed without 3DS verification.

Online credit card fraud is a common phenomenon

At a time when most of us make online purchases on a regular basis, online credit card fraud has become commonplace. Card number theft is common and allows thieves to make purchases easily, without having to identify themselves and take advantage of the fact that it is not always easy to track down the thief.

In conclusion

We at Sim Online understand the importance of information security for our customers and have chosen to put an end to the phenomenon of digital fraud. With the help of 3DS's advanced technology, we provide site buyers with peace of mind and maximum security while transacting online.