If you want to fly abroad but don't want to pay a lot for surfing costs, you should keep reading. In the next article we are going to explain to you exactly the best and most profitable ways to lower the amounts you pay for internet overseas.

So whether you're planning an adventurous trip to Africa, a skiing holiday in Greece, or just a weekend at one of the pastoral beaches around the world - you really should read the following article, because it's going to save you lots and lots of money. All the details are inside!

The most important thing is to do a market survey

As with any product you buy, also in the field of surfing packages, doing a short market survey can save you quite a lot of shekels. Compare prices between the different companies - Cellcom, Pelephone, Golan Telecom and more. Each of them has several surfing packages that are adapted to vacations of different lengths.

What is important to know when conducting a market survey on surfing packages abroad?

When you conduct the market survey, it is important to know which company offers the cheapest prices. However, the size of the package (ie, how many gigabytes it contains) also matters. In the end, you don't want to find yourself abroad with a package that is about to expire, and paying double the amount for another package, right?

Use WiFi whenever possible

Another excellent way to reduce surfing costs on your next vacation is to use Wi-Fi wherever there is one. It doesn't matter if you're in a cafe, hotel, hostel, restaurant or even a gas station - make sure to use the wireless internet available there. Even if the network is password protected, ask the employees on site for the code. In this way, you can save a lot from your surfing package.

Is it possible to download apps or music through the browsing package?

If you want to save money, downloading music, games and other apps is something that is really not worth doing through the browsing package. Try as much as you can to save all these downloads to places that have fast wireless internet. Thank us later…

Take a break from Tiktok

Videos and streaming is something that "eats" a lot of your internet. Therefore, if you are addicted to Reels and Instagram, you should start quitting now (we promise it will also improve your vacation and make it much more exciting). You can also give up Netflix.

Purchase a local SIM

If you really need a lot of internet, purchasing a local SIM that has a surfing package on it is a particularly economical way to conduct yourself while on vacation. Note that this is not a small initial investment, because you are buying not only the surfing package but also the SIM itself. Therefore, it is recommended to do this only if you are going on a really long vacation (of a month or more, at least). Note that purchasing the SIM also involves a bit of fiddling.

If you are going on a short vacation or just jumping for a weekend in the Greek islands, give up the local SIM card and buy a surfing package from the well-known Israeli companies.

Fly on vacation with a cheap package through SIM Online

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