If you are facing a flight abroad, you are probably debating what kind of surfing package to order. You want to stay connected all the time, get the best conditions, and of course have your phone with you throughout your vacation.

So so that you know exactly how and where to order a surfing package, we have prepared the following article for you. Have a fun and useful read!

Ordering a surfing package abroad through a representative of the cellular company

Ordering a surfing package abroad through a representative is something most people stopped doing a long time ago. We have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages for you here.

Disadvantages of ordering a surfing package through a representative

First and foremost, waiting for a representative requires precious time that you probably don't have. If you are waiting in line - whether in a call to the customer service center or in a branch - you are burning precious time when you could, let's say, prepare for your next vacation... and that's a shame.

A second disadvantage is the inability to compare prices. The representative will probably not give you all the information about the competing companies, and in this way you may pay a higher price without any justifiable reason.

Advantages of ordering a surfing package through a representative

the truth? We thought about it, and there is simply no apparent advantage. When it comes to surfing packages, ordering via the Internet is by far the best.

Where do you order surfing packages abroad?

Order surfing packages through the website of the cellular company

Ordering your package through the website of Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, etc. is indeed a little better than ordering through a service representative - but not much more.

This is because even on the website of the cellular company, you will not get all the details about the competing companies and you will not be able to compare prices.

In addition, the websites of the mobile companies are often very cumbersome, and their user interface is inconvenient.

So what are you supposed to do? Don't worry, there is a perfect solution.

Order a surfing package through the SIM online website

Ordering your surfing package abroad through SIM Online is the perfect solution. Through the SIM Online website, you get all the services you need in one place, without having to spread out between different sites.

First of all, on the site you can go through all types of surfing packages, and choose the one that suits you best.

Because we know that those who go for a weekend in Amsterdam, will not purchase the same surf package as those who are going to spend three or four weeks on the white beaches of Thailand.

It is important for us to give all the most reliable information to all our users.

In addition, ordering on the Sim Online website is immediate, without waiting, without frustration and without mess. As said - what more can you ask for?

How do you order the surfing packages abroad?

If you are afraid of the order, don't worry! It is a very simple process, just a few clicks and you are already there.


  1. Choose your mobile company. On the Sim Online website you can find all the Israeli companies that exist in the market.
  2. Choose the appropriate surfing plan for the vacation you are going on in terms of duration and amount of surfing data.
  3. Enter the payment details - don't worry, we'll take care of securing them properly.
  4. Enjoy a perfect vacation abroad, without giving up your cell phone! Don't forget to send us photos…

You must not forget this detail about surfing packages abroad

Remember that a cell phone company can always be changed, so we bring straight to you all the latest information about the changing prices in the Israeli market.

We at SIM Online will be happy to answer any question - contact us for more details.