Who is talking on the phone today? If you think about this question in depth, you may well find that not many people do. This is exactly why many are interested in Internet-only SIMs. Most of us prefer to correspond on WhatsApp, upload posts to Instagram, watch videos on TikTok or just surf. We also do the video calls on Zoom.

So why not purchase a SIM that is only for the internet, without call minutes and SMS messages that we don't use anyway? In the following article we are going to explain everything you need to know.

What is an internet only sim?

An Internet-only SIM is a SIM that does not have call minutes or text messages, but only gigabytes for surfing the Internet. If you only use the Internet, there are many ways you can save on expenses - including, for example, using a wireless network (WiFi).

Save money with a wireless network

If you want to use as little as possible of your browsing package and renew it less often, just connect to WiFi (wireless network) wherever you go. Cafes, restaurants, friends' houses or even buses - we are already in 2023, and fortunately, wireless networks can be found almost everywhere.

A little tip from us - if you are traveling in the sand, in many places you can find municipal WiFi that is provided free of charge as a service from the municipality for locals and tourists alike.

Why do you need a SIM card only for internet?

Even if you have an Israeli SIM that you use on a daily basis, you may want to have an Internet-only SIM that you can use for vacations abroad. In this way, you can travel with peace of mind, and know that you are not paying even a shekel more than you need to.

Short vacations abroad

An Internet-only SIM is an excellent solution for short vacations. If you are only traveling for a weekend or even a little more than that, you can probably give up the phone and be available only on WhatsApp.

Save money on long vacations and trips

A vacation-only SIM is a great way to save money on long vacations, trips, and more. If you are backpackers, trekking enthusiasts, or simply do not have to be available by phone at every moment - we highly recommend it.

What are the disadvantages of a SIM card only for internet without calls?

The only drawback is of course that no one will be able to call you, and you will not be able to call a landline phone that does not have internet or WhatsApp. In addition, sometimes there are credit transactions that require telephone verification through a call or message.

Where do you buy a SIM card for Internet only, or how do you choose a package?

You can purchase a variety of SIM cards or surfing packages through the cellular companies in Israel. Since the offer is large and so are the price differences, it is highly recommended to make a comparison through our website. This way you can find the most affordable offer, adapted for your specific needs.

SIM for surfing in Israel

You can buy a SIM for surfing in Israel through one of the well-known companies in the market:

  • partner
  • Golan telecom
  • Hot Mobile
  • cell phone
  • cellcom
  • and more…

SIM Online - the cheapest way to choose a surfing package

If you are looking for the way to find the cheapest option to purchase a SIM card or a package, comparing prices through an online SIM site is undoubtedly the place to start.

Instead of searching dozens of websites, talking to nervous service representatives, or simply buying an overpriced package - we offer you to see all the options in a centralized way, in one place, easily and efficiently. Order a SIM or package through the website - we promise you won't regret it!