If you want to fly abroad comfortably and without worries, you should have a SIM card before you set off. A SIM card will allow you to talk on the phone, surf the Internet, watch movies and series on long trips, use navigation apps and a variety of other actions that you are used to doing when you are at home.

So what are your options? We at the SIM Online website will help you choose the right SIM card for your flight abroad.

How to purchase a SIM card before flying abroad?

Before we explain to you why you should purchase a rechargeable SIM card, it is important that you know that the purchase is very easy - and also the charging. You can do all the actions easily and quickly through our website, without too much mess.

Just use our search engine to find the plan that suits you best - in terms of the company, the amount of gigabytes for surfing, the call minutes and the SMS.

How to choose the right cellular plan or package for me?

The choice of the program should be made from a central consideration of the scope of use. If you use the Internet a lot, and are not in a place with a wireless network (Wi-Fi), you should choose a larger package. If you are only using basic, do not watch series or movies and do not transfer heavy files, you can be satisfied with a smaller package. You can check the scope of your usage through various applications - usually also through the application of your mobile company.

Is it possible to purchase a SIM card while abroad?

It is certainly possible to purchase a local SIM card of the country you are in. Sometimes these cards will also be cheaper than the plans offered by the Israeli companies. However, a local SIM card of a foreign country will not allow you to save your number and receive calls to it.

Is it possible to talk to Haaretz if using a local SIM of a foreign country?

You can talk via the internet only. You will have to ask friends or family to call you on WhatsApp, so that you can chat using the browsing package (note that if you are in the video calling section you will need a larger package.)

Buying a SIM card before the flight will help you arrive prepared

If you are flying abroad, you want to be comfortable from the moment you get off the plane. There is no reason for you to have to look for places with Wi-Fi or a store where you can buy a new SIM. Buying a loaded SIM card even before the flight is cheap, efficient and useful - every What you need, in one package.

How much does a SIM card cost abroad?

The prices of the SIM cards vary depending on the type of package you choose, the company that provides the service, etc. You can compare prices through the website. Note that you choose the package that suits you best - if you only talk on WhatsApp, two or three gigabytes of surfing should be absolutely enough.

Another good way to save on cell phone costs is to use Wi-Fi when you have the option, and download all the content you need to your device (instead of streaming). Just download music, series, movies, maps, and more. This is how you can use the surfing package in the most minimal way.

Why should you buy a SIM card abroad on the SIM Online website?

We at Sim Online help you find the best deals when it comes to purchasing cellular packages, charging calls and charging Talkman. Use our advanced search engine to find exactly what you need. Only with us you will find the cheapest packages, easily and quickly.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or requests. we will be happy to be at your service.