It is not only the name of the next generation of cellular network technologies, but it is a true evolution in the field. You may have already heard that 5G plans to transform our lives.

What is a 5G network?

The fifth generation, known as 5G, represents the next generation of cellular communication networks in the world and in Israel. The 5G network plans to present an unprecedented speed, 100 times the speed of the current 4G network, and will allow the connection of a large number of devices to the network at the same time.

This will open doors to a variety of new gaming experiences (such as multiplayer games in virtual reality with fast responses), connected smart cities, and a variety of other innovative technologies.

The 5G network promises a significant upgrade in the streaming experience, when you will be able to watch live events, music, shows, sports events and more, at speeds that we have not known until now.

In addition, it will make it possible to raise the bar of applications in many areas such as transportation, medicine, security, industry and education, and will bring to the center stage a variety of options that deal with our daily lives at home, at work, and in public.

The options for joining the 5G program

5G cell phone

Pelephone led the way in launching 5G plans under the Pelephone+ / Pelephone Plus brand. The packages they offer come with browsing volumes of 200 to 500 gigabytes, and some include additional products such as a series package of the STINGTV by yes television service for mobile or a gaming kit. It should be noted that the experience in the 5G generation on the cell phone will vary, because we do not know the location of the antennas that support the 5G generation, so users with suitable devices will most of the time surf on the 4th generation.

5G partner

partner company It started marketing 5G partner packages, when they offer volumes of 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes), including additional options such as protection and cloud backup. In order to take advantage of the service, you will need to purchase a suitable device for use in an area that is ready to support the 5G generation.

5G Hot Mobile

Another option is Hot Mobile, which also offers 5G packages. Hot Mobile offers two packages of 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte, and the option to watch the Next TV service.

 5G Cellcom

At Cellcom, you can join the 500 GB package and Cellcom TV service.

The transformation of communication from 4G to 5G

The 4G generation of cellular networks has led to a significant change in the built-in communication. The rhythmic surfing, the smooth streaming and the seamless connection to social networks provided us with the ability to be connected always and everywhere.

But are we ready for the next generation? 5G, the new generation of cellular networks, promises to change the essence of communication as we know it. Higher speed than ever before, minimal response times, downloads of only seconds - everything becomes possible. But 5G is not just an upgrade of 4G, but a new generation of technology, which can set the stage for a new era of digital communication.

Spectacular reality: AR and VR in the 5G era

Our advanced 5G network allows us to exploit the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) like never before. With the ability to provide a fast and smooth screen refresh, the network allows for an amazing and most intuitive experience, without delays or stuttering.

Imagine that you decide to purchase a new sofa, but instead of imagining how it will look in your home, you simply "place" it there using AR, and show the potential result using VR glasses connected to your 5G network.

In terms of games, gaming takes a new form with 5G - a spectacular reality of multiplayer games, where you face armies of aliens in our real world, when everything goes through a smartphone or console connected to your AR glasses."

The future of smart homes in the 5G era

Smart homes and IoT technology are eagerly waiting for the 5G network to unleash their full potential. Today, we are just crossing the road - people conduct conversations with their devices, operate devices such as lamps, air conditioners, televisions from their smartphone via the Internet. But, this is just the beginning.

The true vision of the 5G and IoT era is revealed when each of these devices, and others, not only "talk" to humans, but also to each other - communication between devices, which increases efficiency, simplifies use and enables automation and control Far better.

The 5G revolution in the business world

In the business world, 5G promises to have a profound impact. Internet connections at the speed of light will allow more people to work in distress from home more efficiently and impressively than ever before. This will lead to a reduction in the need for office spaces, which will save time and resources, and will allow the conversion of extensive offices to leisure spaces, residences, or even to other useful areas in the city centers.

In addition, the 5G guarantees better control and automation of industrial, logistic and business processes, thus guaranteeing a significant improvement in the competitiveness of various businesses.