Adapting to a religious and ultra-orthodox lifestyle means not only a kosher diet or observing the mitzvot, but also the use of technology that takes religious requirements into account. A kosher SIM, offered by the cellular companies, will meet exactly this need.

So what does sim kosher actually mean? How is it different from normal taxes and is a special kosher cell phone necessary to use it? In this article, we will provide the important answers and details.

What is a kosher sim?

A kosher SIM is actually a SIM card for a mobile device built to accommodate a religious and ultra-Orthodox lifestyle.

A kosher SIM is adapted to prevent or limit uses that could be a problem from a halachic point of view - such as playing video, games or the Internet.

Who is it for?

The kosher SIM is intended for people who maintain a religious and ultra-Orthodox lifestyle, who want or need to use technology, but in a way that does not conflict with halachic restrictions.

A kosher SIM allows them to use their mobile phone for calls and sending messages and sometimes also for certain additional services, but prevents other uses that may be considered problematic for the religious reason.

How is a kosher line different from regular lines?

In essence, kosher line services limit the extensive capabilities that smart cell phones offer.

Compared to normal devices, the use of most of the applications and software that can be downloaded from the application stores is not allowed on devices that are suitable for use with a kosher SIM.

Sometimes, even some of the hardware features of the devices are limited. Most kosher phones mainly allow you to make and receive calls and send text messages.

In addition, the line can block all activity on Saturdays and holidays, including receiving and making calls. Even devices that allow a certain amount of internet browsing adjust the browsing to fixed times according to the Halacha, and only allow internet browsing supervised by rabbis.

What are the parameters to consider when purchasing a kosher phone SIM?

When interested in purchasing a kosher phone SIM for users from the religious/Orthodox society, there are several factors that are important to consider.

  1. Matching kosher devices only - a kosher SIM can only be activated on a kosher device. This means that you will not be able to activate the kosher SIM in a normal mobile device.
  2. Seal of the Rabbinical Committee - when the need for a mobile phone is only for making and receiving calls, it is important to choose a device with kosher approval on behalf of the Rabbinical Committee for Communications Affairs.
  3. Different prices - there are various devices with this qualification, suitable for a variety of budgets.
  4. Popular devices for use with a kosher line - you can find devices with a large screen, clear keys, calendar and reminders adapted to the Hebrew calendar, support for call recording, and prices suitable for every pocket.
  5. Devices without the commission's stamp - there are devices that do not have the commission's approval but are suitable for use with a normal SIM card, have a simple interface and lack advanced features. They function similarly to a device with a kosher line.

What is important to know about using applications on a device with a kosher SIM?

While users of regular smart devices are familiar with the full world of apps and the Internet, kosher phone users face certain limitations.

  • Kosher Line Restrictions - Using the Kosher Line prevents downloading and using apps from the various app stores.
  • Navigation and messaging apps - examples of apps that are not supported by kosher are Waze and WhatsApp.
  • A kosher phone with a kosher app store - there are kosher devices that do not contain a web browser but allow certain applications to be downloaded and used through a kosher app store.
  • A solution to the limitations of a kosher SIM - you can purchase a kosher device that supports two SIM cards - a kosher SIM for calls and a normal SIM for use in applications. In devices that do not contain a web browser, the use of a kosher SIM helps prevent non-kosher use.

In conclusion

Limitations that exist in kosher phones provide a way to live a balanced technological life, in which intimacy is preserved and inappropriate use is avoided.

While some of the limitations can be frustrating, there are also solutions that can help fulfill your communication needs in a kosher manner.

One of the available options is the purchase of a kosher SIM from SIM Online.

On the company's website, you can purchase a kosher SIM in a simple and quick way, which allows you to use the services you need in a kosher manner and avoid unapproved uses.