If you asked yourself where is the most profitable place to buy a SIM card, you are not alone. A SIM card is a basic consumer product, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis ask themselves the same question every year.

So in order to put some order in the mess, we prepared the following article for you, which explains exactly where to buy a cheap SIM card - and where not. If you don't want to come out as suckers, you should read to the end.

How will you know which SIM card you need?

Who like us knows that not all sim cards are created equal. To know which is the right card for you, you should consider the following things.

International card

When you buy a SIM card, you want it to accompany you and be used by you wherever you go - in Israel or abroad.

It doesn't matter if it's a prepaid card (Talkman) or a card in a fixed new plan, the card you buy should always be an international card.

A card of the size that fits your smartphone device

SIM cards have different sizes - normal SIM (the kind you only see in very old devices), micro SIM, nano SIM, etc.

When you go to buy a SIM card, make sure that the card you get can be adjusted to all sizes and types of devices so that you will have no problem inserting it into your personal smartphone.

Buy a SIM from the cellular companies

The various Israeli cellular companies offer a variety of prepaid or monthly SIM cards. The known companies are Pelephone, Cellcom and Partner (formerly Orange).

Besides the old companies, or the dinosaurs of the market as many tend to call them, there are also a number of newer companies that jumped into the water after the reform of the cellular market (which the adults among us probably still remember).

Among the younger companies you can find Golan Telecom, Way for G, Hot Mobile and more.

According to what should you choose your cell phone company?

Each of these companies offers different packages in Israel and abroad. Sometimes the companies are also based on different antenna infrastructures.

Therefore, if you live in a remote area with low reception, you may prefer to choose a company that offers you the most extensive antenna deployment in your area.

Buy a SIM card abroad

Purchasing an overseas SIM card is necessary if you want to stay connected to friends and family even on your vacation.

An overseas SIM card can be a prepaid card, or a card that is in a monthly plan and you purchase an overseas package with limited validity for it.

There are many types of packages abroad - some with a few minutes of talk and more internet, and they are the ones that are more recommended (because you can always talk on WhatsApp, which saves a lot of money).

Buying a Prepaid Card (Tokman)

A prepaid card is a card that is loaded in advance with a limited number of call minutes and gigabytes for browsing. Such cards can be purchased in Israel or abroad, although you should not postpone the purchase at the last minute so as not to "get stuck" and pay a high price without any choice.

On the Sim and Online website you can compare the prices of dozens of cards, and find the most profitable offer for you.

Price comparison for SIM cards - the most profitable on the SIM online site

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